We do not pour ready-made firmware, we download your firmware and customize it individually !!!!

Professional power increase level Stage-1,2,3, removal of disabling the catalyst,
diesel particulate filter DPF, EGR valve EGR, Adblue SCR, DTC.

order firmware calibration

We can do this kind of work

chip tuning

increasing the car's power by changing the parameters of the factory firmware. Stage1, Stage2, Stage3.

EGR valve

flashing of the car ECU block to disable operation and control of the EGR EGR valve.


Car pre-flashing to disable Euro2 catalytic converter control. O2 catalyst sensor


Disabling the inlet manifold vortex flap control in the firmware.


Changing firmware parameters to disable particulate filter and catalytic converter control.

add blue SCR off

Re-flashing of the vehicle, to disable the ADD Blue system. Urea and NOx sensor.


Benefits of working with us


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Safe Chip-tuning of engine and automatic transmission at optimal price

Are you in search of those who could qualitatively SAFE! and at the best price to perform chip tuning in Dnipro?

Our main priority is to obtain the maximum possible stable result, without danger to the engine. The main thing that-chip tuning was safe for the engine of your car. So when conducting work on chip-tuning improvements srage1 and stage2, we edit the firmware of your car, save all the factory emergency modes, save all the limits and moment model ECU for safe operation of the engine in the future.

In order that the firmware was safe for the engine, we use already tested on the bench and tested by us, or our foreign partners, firmware similar engines, and further adapt it to your particular car.

After flashing we necessarily test the engine both on the spot and in motion under load, logging, to control all the parameters that ensure safe operation of the engine!

We are professionally engaged in chip tuning power increase, removal of disabling the catalyst particulate filter and egr on cars for 10 years!

During this time, we have developed a great understanding of the process of chip tuning of modern diesel and gasoline cars, as well as gained extensive experience in their tuning and refinement.

why customers choose us

Huge database of ready calibrations

We have a huge database of ready-made calibrations for various makes and models of cars for chip tuning. But we also do custom calibrations of ECU firmware, if such software is not in our database, both to increase power and to disable ecology, DTC errors and much more.

0-100 km/h acceleration measurement

Free acceleration measurement with RaceLogic PerfomanceBox Dragy before and after chip-tuning for visual results!

Power and torque measurement on the dinostand

Every time before and after chip tuning, we measure the power and torque of the car on a dinostend, in order to see the result not by feelings, but by the numbers that gives the measurement on the dinostend.

Full Firmware Backup

Backup of the firmware before modification
We only perform individual editing of your native (stock) firmware. Each time before changing the vehicle’s firmware, we back up the native firmware so that it can be fully restored in case of unsuccessful chip tuning.

K-tag Alientech Service Mode
чип-тюнинг в Днепре
K-tag Alientech Service Mode
чип-тюнинг Днепр
Magikmotorsport flex master

Editing firmware in WinOls program

LAMBTS 2.120 (Лямбда для защиты компонентов)

Editing the firmware in the ECM Titanium ori program

Measurement of the result before and after chip tuning with dynoroad dyno test bench

мобильный диностенд DYNOROAD в Днепре


for ordering or consultation fill in the form and we will call you back as soon as possible.


advantages of
chip tuning with us

1. Vast experience

We have more than 10 years electronics experience, know about diesel and gasoline engine a lot.

2. Diagnostics before chip tuning

Before each chip tuning we make sure to diagnose all the systems of the car.

3. Only proven solutions

Only proven solutions are allowed to work, or solutions in which we are fully confident.

4. Firmware Backup

There is always Backup to restore the original state of ECU.

5. Optimal price

Optimal market price for firmware, to ensure optimal price/quality ratio for chip tuning.

Only serviceable cars are allowed for chip tuning!

6. Measurement of the result on a dinostand, with a printout.

7. Logging of the given car operation, to check the safety of the firmware.

We do not mindlessly download incomprehensible, untested firmware from the Internet and other resources!

We do not use free software to edit firmware!

We customize each individual unit individually!

Firmware production
for chip tuning or disabling ecology dpf egr adblue scr opf lsu cat off